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I’m a physician who has been interested and received holistic care via several energy medicine modalities including homeopathy, emotion code, and total body modification (TBM) as well as food supplements. I strongly believe in energy medicine. Towards the end of 2020, Kas has performed 1-1 Distant Karmic Dissolve Sessions for me to help heal physical symptoms of feeling unwell. She used her intuition and channeled and sent me a list of the symptoms she found, which was about 20-30 symptoms. Mostly these symptoms are related to heart, respiratory, uterus. All are accurate and what I had been feeling and also had medical diagnoses. This is without me telling her what I experienced. I am amazed by her intuition and her healing ability. After the sessions, I underwent some energy release symptoms for about two weeks. While the releases were intense for a period, Kas has talked to me that it’s normal and that I can use other modalities like emotion code and TBM to ‘drain the toxins’, which means helping me reduce the releasing effects. After the releases of things that do not serve my highest good, I feel energetic and relieved and most of my physical illnesses / issues have been gone. Truly recommend Dr. Kas EnergyMed’s healing.

Wilai Thanasarnakson, M.D. 

I am an empath and have been studying many energy healing modalities. I have been working with Dr. Kas ever since she started her page and giving out complimentary energy for New Year Blessings and immunity healing, as well as full moon healing. I have received her help working on 1-1 healing such as 114 chakra deep galactic clearing and akashic records soul contract reading and clearing and many other sessions. I have also asked her to make me a personal light language activation video to help me with my gifts.

Recently, in my corporate day job, I was undergoing an interview for a promotion. Kas drew oracle activation cards for me for the energy and guidance I needed to support me for the interview. She drew "Sakral" card and guided me what I needed to project out during my interview. She also did a small blessing session to help send positive energy to my interview. I feel that Kas's guidance and blessings have helped with me earning the promotion which takes my life into a positive direction.

Working with Kas has been uplifting with her authenticity and pure intentions from the heart that I could feel with my empathic gifts. All her activations and energy sessions are strong and I could feel them helping to unlock and deeply open myself further along my spiritual and healing journey. She is very gifted and talented. Talking with her and receiving her guidance has helped me feel there is someone that is always there to listen and help me with her unconditional love from her heart.

Recently, I have also received an Akashic Record reading from her and also received Akashic Record Soul contract clearing to clear negative energies and blockages from the core wounds, and to help with learning lessons and achieving missions. The soul contract reading confirmed many feelings that I have felt but hadn’t been able to verify if certain feelings were part of my soul contract and learning etc.

I feel strong energy flowing every time I receive from Dr Kas and also releasing symptoms which tell me that healing and activation is being done. Her intuition and channeled guidance is always accurate and right on. I trust Dr Kas with all my heart with her light and authenticity and her pure intention to help out humanity and the collective as well as lightworkers.

I have also received 114 healing. It’s extremely effective and special. My aura and mind is clearer and I seem to have more intuition because blocks are removed and also more open for increased energy.

Her intuition and guidance I have experienced is very special and accurate and I believe in Dr Kas and trust her. She is very detailed for all her sessions, she channels and tells me how many hours is needed for healing. She checks what would be recommended for current problems or conditions I may be experiencing. I definitely feel the energy flowing while receiving 114 (although my experience might not be exactly the same for everyone because everyone has different sensitivity to energy). After receiving 114 healing, things that were bothering me it stuck do continually get gradually better. Just like when someone, who is naturally healing on their own, the 114 healing process allows the body to continue healing itself of conditions that were present before the healing.

David Puttman, Texus, USA

I am in my 70s.  I had been diagnosed with high value of postrate gland that poses a threat of potential prostate cancer.  I had been receiving treatments via homeopathy and other energy healing modalities such as TBM for several years prior to receiving help from Dr. Kas but had not seen tangible changes.  After contacting Kas and receiving healings which span a few months, Kas has done 1-1 healing for me as well as created a healing video for me to open daily.  I then rechecked my prostate gland value and it's back to normal.  

I later on was diagnosed with low eGFR or kidney functioning value.  Again, other healing modalities did not help.  Kas has done several 1-1 healing sessions for me to send energy with the intention to help with kidney functioning to increase eGFR as well as to disintegrate kidney stones that was found during one of my ultrasound health check up.  After working with Kas for over 4 months and rechecked my eGFR value, to my amazement the value has improved from below threshold 50% to an acceptable value of 70-90%.  I am continuing to receive energy from Kas on a weekly basis to maintain optimal health.  

I also had problems with my eyes.  I had cataract surgery on both eyes but one of the eyes created problems that result in chronic unclear visions and irritation that required second operation.  Kas has also been helping me send healing energies to the eyes.  Prior to receiving the second surgery on the problematic eye, Kas has done a pre energy session for me.  She said that it would help with the healing.  Her work is amazingly magical.  The eye that had second operation healed very quickly in less than a week while it took more than three weeks for the first operation to heal.  Her healing and intuition is really amazing.  I highly recommend working with Kas and consulting her with your problems and let her guidance advise what energy or sessions would be suitable for you and allow time to receive healing.  

Paul, S.C., Thailand

Grateful towards healing blessings received through connection with Kas.   I have been following Kas, on patreon and her services finding transformational healing through her monthly full moon clearing, 114 chakras, and archangelic session.  Patreon gives structural healing support that can be used daily.  Feel companionship towards talking to Kas receiving guidance for what is needed for healing, becoming conscious and connected to Source.


Received Soul contract reading and healing.  The reading and guidance resonates and sparks attention as details to inner-soul toward subconscious healing with angelic blessing through akashic records soul contract clearing.  Her healing has uplifted my spirit and her guidance enlightens my soul.  Feeling the sense of companionship towards journey into higher consciousness.


Recently, I contacted Kas after seeing her post about Heart Wall and Emotion Code.  Kas asked questions in order to advise the healing program needed for healing and gave guidance that healings are needed for TRAUMAS experienced from life episodes.  Without going into details of my life’s traumatic events, Kas checked with her guidance and prescribed a healing plan suggesting “Soul Integration Session”, “Trauma Healing Session”, and “Pendulum healing to release trapped emotions”.  


She walked me through preparation for the Soul Integration Session. After the session Kas sent me a note and told me the timeline of when soul essence escaped. This is without me telling her all the details about my life prior to the session.  I could relate to all the timelines to life’s traumatic events. Amazed by her intuition and blessings. Gratitude towards healing opportunities and journey towards enlightenment through Kas. 

Rebecca Dentz, Wisconcin, USA

“I have a great appreciation for Kas’s Reiki energy work. Whenever I participate in one of Kas’s Reiki energy events, I feel an immediate energy boost. It feels like a light, energy buzz around my face, almost like the touch of falling snow, but, without being cold.
It’s hard to explain, but the positive energy sometimes lasts several minutes & it’s a very joyous emotion. That’s why I say it’s like looking up & feeling snow fall on your face. You can’t really describe it, but it’s quiet, peaceful, and wondrous.
I really enjoy Kas’s genuine nature & practical approach to energy medicine.
After I requested/purchased a personal distant Reiki session, Kas mentioned that Archangel Gabriel, AA Jophiel, and AA Uriel came through, and all 7 rays of light. I often pray/talk to these particular AA’s, so this was a wonderful confirmation to me of their angelic presence.
How amazing to hear that they were with me from Kas, whom I had never told about my angelic connections/conversations.
I am truly amazed by the whole experience & so grateful to have participated in every one of the events/sessions I have been a part of, and that I have accessed on Kas’s Patreon page.
Thank you for offering free public Reiki events, as well as those that can be purchased individually. I truly appreciate you & feel that my understanding of Reiki has expanded through this experience.

Thank Kas/Kas Energymed   

Sincerely, W. Palmer in Vermont; USA”

I received a distance healing for the full moon. Her energy was warm and fuzzy like a comfortable blanket. The healing mostly worked on my solar plexus and back. Thank you for sharing your gifts.

Crystal Kene


I highly recommend Reiki with Dr. Kas! I was able to experience a subtle yet powerful healing session with her on a full moon. Thank you!

Heather Tsai ~ Full Moon Clearing

I received an Akashic record reading/clearing and soul contract reading from Kas Energymed. I love how she lays out the reading in writing out the challenges, lessons, and choices. She also sends an audio along with the written areas and explains them and how to evaluate each situation to help me on the many different paths I encounter. She helped me to a realization that I have been hesitant on making a choice as I kept feeling I had to make one RIGHT now and only choose one path. She assured me I did not have to make a choice right now and to practice living in the present moment. It was really eye opening on how I look at challenges and makes total sense as to why I sometimes struggle with moving forward--it is all in my soul lessons! Thank you so much Kas!

Stephanie Floyd (USA) ~ Akashic Records Soul Purpose Reading + Clearing

Dr. Kas Energymed is a phenomenal Reiki and Energy Healer!! I received a Rejuvenation Reiki session this morning and I absolutely LOVED it!! I laid down and thought I would be awake the entire time but I became so relaxed that I fell asleep once the Reiki arrived and woke up feeling alert and energized. This was absolutely phenomenal and now I have more energy and I feel more connected mentally and physically!

Heidi Waddell, USA ~ Rejuvenation Reiki

After talking, listening to and consulting with Dr. Kas, I was convinced and impressed by Dr.Kas' readiness to help with wellbeing and health concerns.  I was diagnosed with liver cysts. Dr. Kas sent distant 1 -1 energy healing for physical healing to help with the cysts.  Her healing has given the sense of relief from worries and believes that the cyst does not develop in a bad way.  During the energy sessions, I felt relaxed and I experienced some energetic detox as was explained by Dr. Kas. I woke up during early for a week right after one of the sessions which Kas has explained that it is a possible releasing symptoms and is a sign of healing. 


Later, during the covid 19 virus epidemic Dr. Kas has included me and my family in the immunity healing energy to protect from the virus.  Afterwards when we are required to get vaccination, Dr. Kas has also sent the energy to harmonize and help reduce the side effects of the vaccines.  The harmonization helps to make us feel safe from the vaccine injected into our body. Dr. Kas has also sent post vaccine harmoinzation to help detox the bad side effects of the vaccine to my son who had just been vaccinated.  We are aware and appreciate healing received from Distant Reiki sent by Dr. Kas. Thanks to Dr. Kas EnergyMed.

Nittaya Prayoonthong ~ Thailand

Kas is an extremely gifted healer and has helped me many times. I feel so refreshed after her healings and she does so much to help as many people as possible. Highly recommend 

Ciara Ashwell, Ireland

Thanks so much for your cares and love I do really enjoy your transforming and life changing lectures, Am a student on the path of light for quite a long time now though not fully and solely devoted due to domestic problems and environmental factorsAm a true seeker right burning within meAm still searching to finding solace and yet still no consolations,It has been rough and of no avail finding the truth of who am I?I want to know why my frantic efforts and strugglings to meet up my financial framework to take care of my financial obligations so that I can fully commit myself to the course I believe that is my soul and life purposeTo embrace mystical life in the services of the Light for uplifting humanity as you are doingOur African settings especially my country Nigeria we are mostly backwards regarding spiritual enlightenment. Please Dr Kas look into me and educate me into.
Oliver E.

An opportunity arose toward healing within my familiarity through dr.kasenergymed.com. engaged through trust hence have reborn plus placed confidence about friendship.

Rebecca Dentz

I have received a wonderful infused abundance picture. I feel very aligned with the energy allowing me to connect more to the truth within. I highly recommend her work .


Kas Energymed is a really amazing healer. I have done the one-on-one distance (114) chakra clearing with her & it felt very uplifting. I felt a difference in my energy within minutes of communicating with her on messaging. Reiki energy feels kind of like wading in the ocean, but the water isn’t actually there… it’s like you feel the energy of a wave … hard to explain, but amazing to experience. Well worth it!

W. Palmer ~ 114 Galactic Chakras Deep Clearing

I received akashic record soul contract reading and clearing from Kas. The reading resonated and was eye opening, allowing guidance in the right direction. Everyone would benefit from knowing their purpose, lessons and core wounds. The clearing helped me feel lighter, and the path is now easier to look at!

Thank you!

Ginette Morin, Canada

Dr. Kas has drawn Guidance Cards for me for guidance and energy required for my job promotion interview.  The guidance cards are amazing.  Her intuitive guidance complements those cards a thousand fold to give me guidance for the interview and she did a blessings session for me as well. I got the promotion.  Thank you Dr. Kas

David Puttman, Texus-USA

~ Guidance Card and Blessing Session

I received pendulum healing and ethereal crystals embedded in my auric field at specific locations as channeled by Dr. Kas’s intuition to help with my jaw numbness to feel more alive. Dr. Kas has taken time to explain to me what would be done and help me understand the process. Pendulum healing was used to remove blockages and certain crystals were put on a few locations. She has explained to me that full healing would take some time.

My initial response is that it did take away my headache and my lip was not so swollen. I was interested in the ethric celestial crystal since I was hoping you would share with me about the big crystal orb that would be created that would be in my aura. This I felt would help with chakras as well. I know this is going to be a process and that it will take some time to feel more than I do today. But the main thing is you have helped me calm down so I have stopped crying about this. Thank you for giving me a new chance at healing.

Gina Little, USA

Received a “Jab” vaccine harmonization energy session from Kas Energymed last month. I am pregnant so I was hesitant on getting it. However my work is now mandating it. Did my first dose and experience slight headache and was fine the next day. I just got my second dose last week felt chills the next day and Kas did another work to help me detox. The second day i felt so much better. Being an energy worker myself I strongly believe that i have gotten the treatment for my highest good and felt less worried about getting the jab. I really appreciate that Kas is offering this service. Thank you.

Roselie Zafe, USA (November 8, 2021) ~ Jab Harmonization

Thank you so much for your help I am an intuitive healer and this session has helped me immensely with releasing whats no longer needed. Kas and her beautiful teams in Spirit showed me that no matter who we are we all need each other so we can shine and uplift one another. Blessings love and light for all that you do.

Yara Gibbs ~ Full Moon Deep Energy Clearing