Diffuse EMF from your home space

EMF can do harms to your body functions, your brain, and many more. Now you can protect yourself by subscribing to my service to send energy of love and light from the divine which is calming vibration to transmute EMF into positive energy and diffuse it from your home and space. This energy is sent continuously to your location given by address. You can also ask for the energy to focus on a specific room if you want to focus the energy on a particular area and that would make the energy work more effectively to transmute and diffuse EMF.


Price is per location or focus area: home address, focus room, or floor. You can set the focus area to be a room, a floor, or an address. The smaller the space, the more focused and more effectively the energy works.


Price is for 3 months subscription


EMF Home Protection

  • Options Available:

    3 months subscription

    6 months subscription

    1 year subscription